NICOLE ROCHELLe behind the lens


It takes a certain connection to create photographs that represent your love + who you are + what you're about

Since 2014, I've shot 200+ weddings & countless sessions. The images throughout my website are ones that have touched me as a photographer and high-fived the hearts of my newlyweds. I'm looking to capture unforgettably real, hilarious & beautiful moments- Ones that will grab your hand and fly you back to that moment

I shoot like I'm photographing friends because it feels good to work this way and I know it shows in the end result- that is always what I'm going for.

As the celebrants, you'll be able to experience your day in the best way if the person photographing it is someone you connect with- someone who will be there for you- to translate your love story visually and to hold space so you can be fully present on your day.

It's a huge exchange of trust and I am always so honored to take on that position with every couple who chooses me.

A little about me

my name is Nicole, Rochelle is my middle name.

I'm a mother to a rad, patience bending, amateur lawyer, marvel movie obsessed - 13 and a half year old. His names is Gavin. <3

click here for some pictures and videos of us. Gav and I live on Long Island about 45 min outside of NYC. I love hot sauce and hate scary movies. New places make me feel the most alive, my son is the opposite. So we pretty much have to rock-paper-scissor about going on adventures or staying home during the weekends. I prefer to listen to audiobooks in slight-hyper-speed and have been incorporating hikes and climbing into my week which has been so good to my soul.

the camera 

I had a darkroom in my basement throughout HS and hesitated to switch to digital in 2006. Since 2014 I've mentored 8+ people in photography, Every once in a while I'll start a 365 project, which highlights the shots I take at weddings that make me want to make album art.  Let me make your album art ;)


we love our fur babies

Gav and I have three cats, Val, Jo and Toothless- AND an angle fur bb, Leo. Toothless looked like the dragon from "How to Train Your Dragon" when he was a kitten. Jo and Val are sisters.

Jo barks like a puppy and thrives on snuggles and hating my plants. Val is stealthy and l o v e s being pet, BUT ONLY if she's sleeping first - She's complex. Leo was Gavin and my first baby and the most "human like" cat we've ever known. He's had the fanciest ears and the happiest "happy dance" moves.


coffee?  I'd love to chat!

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