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Oooo, what an interesting word, right? Such serious stuff, innnnvesttttmenttttt- We could say "package prices" and be more lalalala about the whole thing. Chances are, the photographers who call this an investment are here to drive something home on the subject of your wedding photography. We for sure are, and I'll elaborate!

if we make this:
me as your photog, a thing.

I'm people watching and moment scouting while actively considering that these are your last bits of your wedding day.

The final touchstones to relive it all.

It's photos and your slice of wedding cake.
And that is it. Holy Shit.

I'm that person you might choose to deliver these to you + the ride of having lived it all.
What a bigggg deal this is.

It's an investment in your wedding day memories. For damn sure, your wedding is meant to be unreasonably fun, I'm hereee for that, all the way. Your photos and the person you choose to make them with will bring you back to it;

everything you planned, chose, and made core memories of.

I hope to have this experience with you.

What an honor that will be.

Go with your gut, choose the vendors of your dreams.

I promise you, you'll be so happy you did.


well, damn. I WANT TO make us a thinG

Nicole is the absolute BEST. 

I came across Nicole's instagram- and I loved it.

Her photos were cinematic, natural, and FUN

- it was exactly what I wanted captured on my wedding day. 


what is your love story

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