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I did a Valentine's day boudoir session with Nicole and the entire experience was magical, start to finish. I cannot recommend Nicole enough. First off, any nerves I had walking into her beautiful in-home Boho studio melted away. She has a way of instantly connecting with you, it felt like hanging out with an old friend. Her gift of photography really shines with her direction and communication throughout the shoot. She gives you every prompt, pose and trick so you understand her vision and feel confident as well as comfortable bringing it to life. She shows you the photos on the back of her camera so you know you nailed the shot. Her photo style is moody and artistic which translates so well to boudoir. Even after the photo session, Nicole goes above and beyond. She hand delivered my prints to my mailbox so they were on time for the Valentines gift for my fiance! He absolutely loved it BTW 😉 Best gift for a significant other or just for yourself!

If you have even the slightest interest in doing a boudoir session; please reach out to Nicole, you will be so glad you did!!!


I did a photo shoot with Nicole and it was the best decision I could've made! She's insanely talented and creates beautiful work. During the shoot Nicole made me feel comfortable and confident, talking me through how it was going to go and showing me exactly what to do. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. We turned the photos into an album that I gave my husband on our wedding day.


Nicole came to my house to do a boudoir shoot and blew me away the minute she got started! She was so personable, intriguing, and professional from the first click. I have always wanted to do a boudoir shoot but tend to be more conservative than not - and she helped me see a side of me I haven’t seen before. Photography is her calling, she’s got an eye for art and moments that people could only wish they were born with. Every shot she took she was encouraging, supportive, creative and involved. She gave me every ounce of 100% of her undivided attention and that is so hard to come by these days. We have officially taken her on as our permanent photographer for all of our future photo needs and could not be more excited!! Highly recommend, you will NOT be disappointed


Boudoir shoot gift for husband: Nicole is so down to earth. She came to my house & we did the shoot there. She made me feel super comfortable & her prices are VERY reasonable. If you’re looking for a dark & moody kind of look (which I love), I would definitely recommend Nicole!


I booked Nicole for my boudoir shoot to give my (now) husband on our wedding day as a “groom’s gift”. I’ve always loved Nicole’s candid style shots and knew that’s what I wanted for a boudoir shoot and not something too staged or posed. I had no idea what I was getting into really ... but Nicole and I got to know each other with a couple glasses of wine and chatting about our lives and what lingerie we think looks best (just like I would do with any girlfriend). I definitely felt so incredibly comfortable and didn’t even realize that Nicole was essentially “staging” and “posing” me because the shots came out exactly how I was hoping - candid, flawless and hot! (my husband definitely agrees and raves about his groom’s gift). I felt good taking the shots but then receiving the album and choosing the “little black book” gave me a whole new level of confidence. Nicole has an amazing eye and gets the most epic shots. I didn’t feel uncomfortable at any point .... even as we sat and chatted while I was in lingerie and as Nicole helped me put on my lingerie. If you’re looking for a down-to-earth, friend-like feeling to make you feel comfortable doing a boudoir shoot, Nicole is what you’re looking for. Feel free to message me to share any photos you may want! Nicole did A PERFECT job and I don’t mind sharing any of my pictures thanks to her !


Nicole shot my boudoir pictures back in November. She was amazing. For something that could make you feel uncomfortable and insecure, Nicole made me feel the opposite.. I was completely myself around her and honestly it showed it the pictures. I can’t recommend her enough. She was so detail oriented and attentive. My husband is OBSESSED with his little black book pictures of me.


I did a boudoir shoot with Nicole and it was an incredible experience!!! It was very important to me to work with a photographer who I was comfortable with, and from our first email exchange Nicole put all of my fears/concerns/insecurities at ease. During the shoot itself, Nicole was both professional and laid back. I felt instantly comfortable with her and she gave phenomenal direction. Trust me when I say i am the last person that would do something like this, but Nicole made it seem completely casual. Not to mention... the pics came out AMAZING. Like, seriously...she is an artist. I loved the lighting and the vibe of the entire shoot. I can't recommend her enough! And if you are questioning boudoir- DO IT!


I booked Nicole for a boudoir shoot to gift to my boyfriend. During the shoot, she provided me with direction which helped me feel more comfortable. I love how she shoots using natural light; it really captures the authenticity and beauty. I can’t wait to use Nicole for my future life milestones!


I've done multiple large shoots and intimate shoots with Nicole. She has a great eye, is down to push limits, excels at capturing the human spirit and its expression of love in all forms. Music, love, boudoir, candid work.

Thank you, Nicole!


Nicole is amazing to work with!! I did my boudoir shoot with her (which i gifted to my husband the night before our wedding). She truly made me feel so comfortable and confident. I was able to loosen up and have fun. It ended up being a really empowering experience for me. The pictures came out absolutely stunning and i love looking back at the “little black book” from the shoot. If you are thinking about doing a boudoir DO IT WITH NICOLE!!


 I was lucky enough to have Nicole shoot a boudoir album that I will be using as a gift for my fiancé. I had never, ever thought I’d do boudoir, mainly because I had seen sample photos online and thought they often looked too posed or too cheesy… That all stopped when I stumbled upon Nicole’s page - her images were edgy, sexy, and literally looked like they had been torn from the pages of a rock n’ roll magazine. Every single woman looked beyond stunning, and the pictures were size inclusive, which you don’t always see from boudoir photographers. When I reached out to her, Nicole was warm and communicative, and set me up to shoot in her boho bedroom studio. Even though I had been beyond nervous about the shoot, Nicole was the perfect hype woman, posing me and directing me to get the best shots. I can be very self conscious about my body, but after a few minutes of working with Nicole, that quickly melted away. She literally makes you feel like you’ve known her for years! The pictures that came out of the shoot had my jaw drop - one friend told me that I looked like an ad for Maxim, and somehow, Nicole made my very awkward self look beautiful, fierce and glam. I’m SO happy I had this experience, and even though I kept saying it was a “once in a lifetime” thing to do, with Nicole behind the lens, I would quickly do it again.


Nicole shot my wedding and enegement session. I later asked her to shoot a boudoir session for me, and again she made the experience so natural and comfortable that I hardly noticed the camera. She really helped me express my vision. When I received the photo's I couldn't believe how beautiful they were. Like most women, I have my few insecurities, and Nicole's photo's actually taught me to love my "flaws". I've never been so confident. I highly recommend every woman have a boudoir session with Nicole, even if you keep it for yourself.

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